Powell Butte Community Preschool

Serving Our Community Child by Child since 2014

An early childhood program that sparks and develops the highest potential in the smallest amongst us, honoring and nurturing the human spirit in each child within our vibrant community.

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About our school

Mission & Vision

The Powell Butte Community Preschool is a safe, positive, and supportive environment that sets high standards for learning, preparing our children for Kindergarten and beyond.

We integrate traditional values with a scientifically backed, modern approach to education. Our curriculum includes science, math, reading, art, music, play, and movement.

We pledge to nurture well-rounded, life-long learners who are confident, creative, and critical thinkers.

Powell Butte Community Preschool is built on the belief that imagination and creativity are fundamental and we encourage our students to explore the world around them, cultivating a sense of curiosity and stewardship.

Learn By Doing

Learn. Explore. Grow.

The Powell Butte Community Preschool is built on the simple belief that kids grow better in nature. The Preschool is offering a unique early childhood education experience for young children to learn, grow, and reach their full potential, through daily immersion in nature with caring, attentive teachers. With dual goals of fostering the development of the whole-child and nature connection, Powell Butte Community Preschool prepares young children to succeed in school and in life.

Curiosity. Wonder. Play.

Powell Butte Community Preschool recognizes the unique gifts of the young child. We pledge to nurture these gifts and provide a safe and stimulating environment. Our goal is for each child to delight in learning and grow emotionally, socially, and academically. We are committed to laying a foundation for a lifetime of learning. Our learning experiences are meaningful and relevant, helping children to make connections between what is being taught and their own life and experiences. Thus, when you come into the classroom, you’ll see teachers using familiar objects and conducting activities similar to those you do at home. Making a connection between school experiences and home helps a child accept the challenges of new learning.

playful delight


Our Programs

Through a play-based curriculum, we lay the groundwork for skills that are needed to succeed later on in academic studies. 

5 Day Program

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, & Fri
Recommend for students entering Kindergarten the following year.

Four Day Flex

You Choose:
Mon, Tue, Wed, & Thu or
Tue, Wed, Thu, & Fri

Three Day Program

Mon, Wed, & Fri


Pay My Tuition


Monthly Payment Plan is $425/mo (Sep-May)


Monthly Payment Plan is $375/mo (Sep-May)


Monthly Payment Plan is $325/mo (Sep-May)


Daily Preschool Schedule

Through daily rhythms of free play, outdoor time, circle time, storytime, and practical activities, children exercise their creative muscles, develop fine motor skills and create a strong foundation for their emerging literacy skills.

7:45 AM

Doors Open

8:15 AM

Opening Circle

8:40 AM

Visiting with & Caring for our Preschool Animals

9:10 AM


9:45 AM


10:15 AM

Outdoor Free Play

10:45 AM

Story Time and Garden Time

11:15 AM


11:45 AM

Afternoon Social Development and Pick-up

12:15 PM

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New School Year, New Location!

We are excited to introduce our new “Farm Preschool” program beginning in the Fall of 2021!  This summer, Powell Butte Community Preschool will be moving a short distance down the road to Mrs. Wilcox’s recently constructed family home.  Our new, expanded program will feature:
  • Updated “farm themed” early childhood education academic curriculum.
  • Hands on opportunities to interact with, and provide age appropriate care for onsite animals.
  • Time spent in and out of the greenhouse classroom cultivating several preschool gardens.
  • Increased educational and activity hours.

Back to School September 2020

We are so happy to be back at preschool for the 2020-2021 school session. As our thoughts begin to turn to the autumn and winter holidays, we know that things are going to look a little different this year. In the classroom, COVID-19 guidelines will mean that our usual friends and family holiday celebrations will be smaller affairs. However, we are determined to make the upcoming season as magical as ever for our students. We’ve had a great time on the first leg of our preschool journey through the alphabet. We’ve learned about the growth cycle of autumn “A”pples, and have shared our thoughts about the different ways that we help each other in our “C”ommunity. We’ve noticed that the leaves are changing, and that we are starting to want our coats on at recess. The students are getting excited for the season to come, and I am feeling so blessed to have the opportunity to share this special time with these amazing children.


How do I register?

Call For Inquiry


Fill out a registration form. You can do this by contacting us and requesting information, or by downloading & filling out the form. Fees and printed forms can be mailed to: PO Box 202, Powell Butte, OR 97753.


Information and Enrollment Packet will be mailed to you upon receipt of Registration form and fees.


Come to our Open House in late August 2023. There you can meet the teachers, check out curriculum, see the classroom, pay tuition and introduce your child to their new environment and surroundings.

Meet our preschool teachers

The teachers at Powell Butte Community Preschool are passionate about your child’s happiness and growth.

Jennifer Wilcox

Jennifer Wilcox

Director & Head Teacher

While studying criminal justice in college, Jennifer discovered how much she loved teaching through her experiences tutoring and working as a substitute teacher. She spent her early twenties as a park ranger, teaching youngsters and adults all about our National Parks. In 2015, her family settled down in Powell Butte and once her two boys were old enough to attend school, she returned to teaching.

Jennifer’s been worked at the Powell Butte Community Preschool for four years, alongside our dear friend Mrs. Verdusco, then when Mrs. Verdusco retired, she took over ownership. When she’s not spending her time with students, she enjoys books, gardening, and working with plants and animals, including teaching beekeeping and volunteering at Windy Acres Farm in Prineville.  


Debbie Golden

Debbie Golden


Debbie is not only a treasure to our preschoolers, she’s also a beloved grandmother of five & Jennifer’s mother. After she retired from a career in clerical/human resources, she worked as an after school care provider with The Landing in Prineville. She loves to volunteer at the Crook County Rodders car club and the Calvary Baptist Church. In her spare time she enjoys playing and camping with her grandkids, wood burn artistry, gardening, cooking, taking road trips with her husband, and attending local events.